One of the most common questions we hear is, "How does cost of living compare to America?" I have composed this list of items in Grenada that I have converted to U.S. dollars to give an idea!

Apartments in a decent area:
1 bedroom--$600-$800
2 bedroom--$800-$1000
3 bedroom--$1000-1200

Land: $2-$5/sq. ft ($80,000 to $200,000/acre), although much higher in upscale/popular areas

Vehicle: 2001 Toyota van with 140,000 miles: $6500

2004 Honda CRV with 125,000 miles: $7500

Brakes: $50/pair

Oil change: $80

Electric: $.45 per kWh (yes, one of the highest in the world!)
Gallon of gas: $6.50/imperial gallon (approximately 1.2 U.S. gallons)

Internet access: $45/month (20 mbps download, 1 mbps upload)

Cable television: $20 (basic) to $120

Case of water: $22
Gallon of milk: $8 (usually sold as shelf stable in 1 liter boxes for $2 each)
Ground beef: $8/lb.

Frozen Pizza: $10 (Red Baron 4 cheese) to $25 (But it's not delivery--It's DiGiorno!)

Spaghetti: $2/box
Honey Bunches Of Oats cereal, 12 oz.: $17

Frosted flakes, 500 grams: $6

Sugar/flour: $2/lb.

Diapers: $.75 each

8 piece bucket of chicken at KFC (our only fast food place): $22

Chocolate candy bar: $2

Most groceries cost 2-3 times what they would in America. Let me know what item(s) you would be interested in!